Dakath Brightsong

Half Elf Bard


Dakath Brightsong History

People of Importance
Alea Brightsong: Mother Status: Deceased
Bryan Winternight: Father Status: Deceased
Abarat Dree: Murderer Status: Wanted
Agis Brightsong: Grandfather Status: Alive
Llyrana Brightsong: Grandmother Status: Alive

Alea Brightsong was of the Elvin Noble house of Brightsong, a house with a long history of producing some of the finest Bards Adsteria has ever seen. Alea had just completed her training and as it is custom for the house of Brightsong it was time for her to start her journey across Adsteria, as it turns out her journey would be a short one. One of Alea’s first stops was a small hamlet called Dover’s Field, there in the tavern of the Dancing Unicorn she met Bryan Winternight, a veteran of many a war, who was looking forward to a quite life of retirement. The romance was fast and furious and in 9 months and 15 days Dakath Brightsong was born. Needless to say this was quite the scandal back at the Elvin community and the chatter only got worse when Alea brought Bryan back with her. Agis and Llyrana Brightblade took it in stride despite the damage the scandal did to their reputation.

As time moved on, the couple and their son became a common sight in the village, slowly accepted save one of Alea’s prior suitors. Abarat Dree stood in the shadows seething in rage and jealousy at being cast aside for a common human.
When Dakath was five he awoke to the sounds of things being knocked about and shouting coming from his parent’s room. Dakath slipped quietly down the hall and peered in to see an elf with dark hair standing over the bodies of his parents, moonlight shining on his blood stained face.
Dakath began to run to his parents as Abarat brought his sword around. He sliced Dakath from naval to throat, leaving him for dead before walking away. One of the passing patrols noticed the front door standing open and followed the small trail of blood upstairs to find the scene. During the commotion, Abarat fled the village staying from the guard’s sight.
Years later Dakath never fully recovered from the attack. His grandparents began to raise him but he became withdrawn, solemn, stopped eating. The family began to look for his father’s kin to see if perhaps getting him away from the village might aide his healing process. One morning his grandparents awoke to the sound of bagpipe music, beautiful (despite the fact that it is a bag pipe). They discovered Dakath playing his father’s bagpipes, having inherited his mother’s talent.
The grandparents began training Dakath in the way of the Bard.
When Dakath became 21, it was time to begin the journey all bards of the Brightsong clan underwent. During his time training he also search Abarat’s estate searching for clues on where he might have gone. The day Dakath left the village, it was a beautiful sunny day with nary a cloud in the sky.

Dakath began his journey, seeking out signs of his parent’s murderer. His travels over the course of three years led him closer to exacting revenge on this cold villain. He followed his trail to a cave a day’s journey from Kavadin’s main gates.

He trailed Abarat into the cave, his only thoughts on the long awaited retribution he intended to exact.

Abarat turned with a cruel grin, his eyes dark with hatred as he saw a younger version of the human in front of him. Dakath pulled his trusty rapier, and took a stance.

“I am Dakath Brightsong, you killed my parents. Prepare to die.”

Abarat barked a laugh as the illusion faded and a loud explosion echoed from outside the cave. The ground began to shake as rocks fell, blocking the entrance and trapping Dakath in the cool dark cavern.

Dakath came to and began to remember in eerie detail the death of his parents and the close confines of the darkness. The head wound he sustained blurred his vision but the memory was all to clear, as was the frustration at being tricked.

A few days later he awoke from the nightmare with a shout, not having slept much except from exhaustion at trying to escape his confines. The darkness closed on him, smothering him as the memory played over and over. He began to feel the walls closing in on him, alone and losing hope.

A rope lowered as sunlight poured in from a new hole, Dakath covering his eyes against the brightness. A kindly older voice and a younger set of arms guided him to the rope, helping Dakath to the surface.

As the last rays of light faded, Dakath came to and saw the campfire along with two men. The older man grunted as the younger man checked Dakath’s wounds and helped him eat.

“Thank you.” Dakath spoke weakly, managing to sit up.
“I am Dakath Brightsong, a bard.”

“A bard. So what exactly is that thing?”

“A bagpipe.”

“…” The younger man looked at it, poking it with a stick. “Are you sure it’s dead?”

“It’s a musical instrument not an animal.” Dakath spoke while pulling the bagpipes to him.

“Kai.” The younger man sighed as the older man frowned.

“Sorry Rinverum. I should be getting back to the city soon, mentor. The constable will not be happy if I’m late.”

“We are a day away, we will take the young bard to the city with us. So boy, how did you come to be in that cave?” The older man stirred the fire as Dakath sat up more. He paused before telling them both the truth, both men listening quietly.

“When we reach Kavadin my advice is to find a job at a tavern, rest and heal. Your elf’s trail leads in that direction. I’ll search around the city on your behalf.” Kai spoke, sighing as he moved his hair out of his face.

“Close to home Kai?”

“We all come from somewhere mentor.”

The trio journeyed to the main gate, the older ranger noticing the tracks led in the same direction. A day later they reached the main gates, Dakath’s head wound already closed.

“Did a dark haired elf pass by the gates in the…”

“Do you know how many people pass through these gates? You expect me to remember an Elf?” The guard snorted as Dakath balled his fists.

“Calm boy. His trail leads through here. Kai.”

“Be of care mentor. I will aide the bard if I can.” Kai grasped arms with Rinverum before dragging Dakath into the city toward the local inns. “Remember my advice. Go find a tavern and a job, recover and heal. This elf nearly killed you once. If you truly wish revenge then listen to me.”

“Thank you, Kai.”

“A few coins, Dakath. You should be able to find a room and a meal.” Kai put a couple of coins in his hand before making his way further into the city, Dakath finding food and a place to sleep. The next day he resolved to find a tavern to perform at while keeping an ear out for news of Abarat.

Dakath Brightsong

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