Jorn Stonewort

Dwarven Cleric [Patron Diety Cayden Cailean]


Name: Jorn Stonewort (Y-orn Stone-Wort)
Race: Dwarf of Dalontor
Class: Cleric (patron diety Cayden Cailean)
Domains: Earth & Travel
Professsion: Brewer
Primary Weapon: Warhammer


Originally hailing from Dalontor, Jorn Stonewort grew up in a family of brewers, studying and learning the ancient art of brewing since before he could lift a hammer. He was entrusted with the guarded family techniques and recipes during his training; however, during his adolescence Jorn had a calling to join the priesthood and much to his family’s dismay he abandoned his family and took up the cloth. Jorn could not turn away from all he learned and upon completing his ordination as a priest he claimed patronage of Cayden Cailean. After serving for several years as a junior priest in the local temple Jorn became restless seeking to see the world and to find other ways to serve the gods than through life in the temple. So with little ceremony Jorn resigned his commission with the local temple and set out to see the world in a pilgrimage inspired by the life of his patron Cayden Cailean.
Jorn spent many years traveling the world and playing many roles from healer to bar keep, from a guardsman to a laborer. Earning his keep as it came and helping those he came across as he could. Unsurprisingly his travels often led him to locations that seemed to tie him back to his family roots, laboring on barley farms shipping their malt to brewers, tending bars, guarding wine supplies during harvest festivals, and so on. Jorn longed to return to his roots of brewing, but knew he could not return to his family and even if he could he had grown too fond of the open world to be happy in the underdark of Dalontor again. With that Jorn decided to return to Kavadin and set up there sharing the fruits of his brewing knowledge with the mix of people there. It was on his way to Kavadin that Jorn came across Kamden lost and untamed in the underdark. Jorn took Kamden along with him to Kavadin where they set up the Ruddy Spirits Taproom. In Kavadin Jorn works as a brewer and priest doing what he can to aid the patrons of the Taproom and the citizens of Kavadin.

Jorn Stonewort

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