Kamden Glan'in

Dwarf Barbarian - Invulnerable Rager


Kamden Glan’in is the sole survivor of the Fargrin clan. As a boy, Kamden’s clan was traveling to the great Clan meet at the ancient Dwarven city Ai-Azral when they were ambushed and slaughtered by their rival clan the Urbir. In the midst of struggle, Kamden was wounded and left for dead. Later, Kamden would spend years growing up in the wild underdark before a kindly dwarven cleric happened across him on a pilgrimage to the surface city of Kavadin.

These days Kamden can be found working as a Barkeep in the renowned tavern The Ruddy Spirits Taproom, biding his time until his chance to act upon his boundless rage comes to pass and he finally claims the vengeance of a entire clan lost.

Kamden of the Lost People
Kamden O’ the Lost

Dwarven Translation:
Glan’in = lost people
Fargrin = of the strong mountain hold
Ai-Azral = forge brother birthplace
Urbir = death warden

Kamden Glan'in

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