Human Ranger


He is extremely good with two swords, is very acrobatic and stealthy, good at tracking and perceptive. Has good strength and dex, too.


Tythan grew up on the border of two towns, one human and one elven. Though he is fully human by birth he would often travel to the other town. When he was 15 he had a human trainer to teach him fighting and an elven teacher to teach him other skills which took all of every day for two years to fully understand. When he had finally become a ranger he took his skills and went in the forrest hoping to use them and in doing so brought on a raid of goblins to the cities. The goblins were all taken and pushed back but the damages were enough that the two towns banished Tythan for bringing the goblins.
Two years after his banishment, after he had wandered looking for a home he had finally found one with a small group of adventurers…


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