Zo'ka the Wraith

Kayallan Knife master


Race: Fetchling/Kayal also called a Shade
Profession: Entertainer/Street performer


Zo’ka is an orphan child in the city of Strailyan on the shadow plane. Small for his age but quick of finger and wit. Left to fend for himself due to his blue-green eyes marking him as a shade (one of the few closely attuned to the shadows) he survives by picking pockets and lifting small items ran him a foul of the local thieves guild. The guild members sent to recruit or remove the intruder to their territory learn that though small for his race the stranger was hard to corner, though when they finally did corner him was quick and dirty fighter with his knife. The guild recruited and train the little wraith in honing his skills. His fellow guild members call his wraith as a cruel jest. Zo’ka not phased by this cruelty embraces the name and makes it his. Having an uncanny affinity for the shadows more so than his fellow Kayallans. He hones his skills with knives and keeping his fingers nimble while building his reputation in the guild.

The guild has a reputation of doing jobs in both the shadow plane and prime material plane. Zo’ka was assigned y the guild to work jobs in the Krish region of the prime material plane. During this time he learned the regional common language used and customs. Some jobs required additional hands and could find someone working a region not familiar to them. So all new the basic common language share across kingdoms. During one job, set up to by a rival to be rid of him, his portal to the shadow plane was closed and left him stranded in a strange city. This job was a foray into a new city for the guild. Zo’ka was drafted to assist in scouting out the city and establishing local contacts within the thieves guild there.

Once left stranded Zo’ka made contact with the local guild to join and continue surviving.

Zo'ka the Wraith

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