Orcish Great War Axe

Magic Weapon +1

weapon (melee)

A crude orcish war axe that has been imbued with magic.

+1 Two Handed Great Axe

Currently held by Kamden.


This orcish axe was taken from a powerful Orc War Chief in the Krishen Highlands. After infiltrating the orcish den in the side of a great hill, Kamden and his companions snuck into the Orc War Chief’s throne room, overlooking the feasting orcs below. As the brutal battle was waged with the Orc War Chief himself, one of Kamden’s companions was struck down, but together they were able to bring down the great orc before help arrived. As a trophy of this epic battle, Kamden claimed the great axe the war chief was wielding during the fight.

Orcish Great War Axe

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