Ring of the Brutal Wolf

Magic Ring


This band negates any force spell or spell-like ability targeted at the wearer. Doing so gives the ring a number of charges equal to the spell level of the incoming force effect. The ring can hold a maximum of nine charges. If an incoming force attack would charge the ring beyond this limit, the ring does not negate the attack or gain charges, and the attack affects the wearer normally. On command, the wearer can use the ring’s charges to unleash a strong force attach in the shape of a wolves snarling head. This force strikes a single target, dealing 1d6 points of damage if 1 charge is expended, 2d6 points if 2 charges are used, or 3d6 points if 3 charges (the maximum) are used. Treat this as a ranged attack with a 50-foot maximum range and no penalties for distance.

The force of the blow is considerable, and those struck by the ring are subject to a bull rush if within 30 feet of the ring-wearer. The wolf is Large and uses the ring’s caster level as its base attack bonus with a Strength of 25. This gives the wolf a Combat Maneuver Bonus of +17. The wolf gains a +1 bonus on the bull rush attempt if 2 charges are expended, or +2 if 3 charges are expended. This ring was found with 2 charges in it.

The ring also has a small blade on it allowing the wearer to make a single melee claw attack for 1d4 + STR damage.

The ring is currently held by Senji.


This ring was own off of a powerful Orc War Chief in the Kirshen Highlands. During a brutal battle in which the Orc War Chief was surrounded, he thrust out his fist, unleashing the maximum power of the ring at Jorn, almost knocking him off the side of a cliff if not for his stout dwarven fortitude. Later in the same fight, Kylan cast a magic missile at the Orc War Chief, but it was absorbed without effect. The battle was long and fierce, but in the end, the brave adventurers prevailed and the ring was recovered from the defeated Orc War Chief.

Ring of the Brutal Wolf

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