Yeti Hide Cloak

Wondrous Item


The cloak made from the hide of a yeti has been enchanted with resistance.

This item is currently being held by Kamden.


While searching for cultists in the forests south of Kavadin, our brave adventurers set up camp in the snowy hillside for the evening. However, in the middle of the night a roaring howl broke the peaceful slumbers of the party. A log ripped through the back of the tent, nearly hitting some of the scrambling adventurers. Not wanting to lose their adversary, Kamden leapt through the tent nearly naked into the ankle deep snow and charged the towering yeti. The battle was brief but brutal, leaving Kamden injured, but not before the dwarven barbarian was able to cleave in the skull of the rampaging yeti. After the battle was done, Kamden skinned the yeti and had its hide tanned and made into a cloak. Later he had it enchanted to provide further protection.

Yeti Hide Cloak

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