Tales of the Ruddy Spirits Taproom

Trouble at the Taproom
Adventure 04

Following the cold adventure in the snowy woods, the brave adventures enjoy a nice warm night in their own beds. The following morning as Kylan prepares for his appearance at court, the other adventurers of the Ruddy Spirits Taproom venture out to find their own finery for court. After a morning of shopping the group meets back at the taproom then heads off to court.

Arriving at court, Kylan and his group are forced to wait until the end of the day to see the King. Kylan is finally admitted and the king informs him that Kylan’s father is ill. Kylan’s brother has requested on his father’s behalf that he return to the Barony before his father passes. Kylan accepts and the King authorizes Kylan to make arrangements for a caravan to take him safely north.

After a day of planning and making arrangements the tired crew returns to the Taproom. The Taproom’s owner Donavan Wyatt, reports that throughout the day a number of odd patrons have checked in. They are not causing any trouble, but check in with no drinks order an go directly to their rooms. He is concerned that something might be going on. The party investigates but doesn’t discover anything in particular.

image.jpg That night as the patrons come down for the nightly meal, a stranger enters the Taproom. He walks up to the bar and offers to buy the bar. Of course the offer is refused. The stranger finishes his drink and stands to leave. He saunters to the door, pauses, then leaves.

As the doors close behind the stranger, chaos erupts. A large portion of the people in the Taproom draw weapons and attack anyone nearby. A vicious fight ensues, but soon smoke begins to fill the Taproom from the upper floor. As the fire is noticed the fighters begin to flee.


The fighting ends and the fires are put out, but there is significant damage to the Taproom that will take some time to repair. As the Constable and guards apprehend the downed trouble makers, they investigate the attack speaking to many of the gathered witnesses. Unfortunately there are no solid leads , but the Constable ensures Donavan that he will continue to investigate. Meanwhile, Kylan has a private conversation with a mysterious robed figure in the streets in front of the Taproom.

Ritual in the Frosty Woods
Adventure 03

Constable David Holmes once again visits the Ruddy Spirits Taproom. This time he requests the adventurers of the Ruddy Spirits Taproom investigate a strange ritual seen by some hunters in the southern woods. The adventurers question the hunters, but get little useful information and decide to investigate the situation in the wood further. As it is winter, several heavy cloaks and tents for a short stay in the wintery woods.

An early start the next day allows the group to reach the edge of the woods before nightfall. However, frustration quickly sets in as the group wanders through the snowy woods looking for clues. Just before sunset, a hill with eight stone columns is found. Senji sets up his tent for the night. A watch is set, but not much happens other than some noises of a creature moving in the night. The next day, the area is searched thoroughly and several prints are found as well as some white hair. The search continues until a small cave is found.


Entering the cave, Yentha sends forth her spirit sight and discovers the cave to be empty. As the cave narrows a strong stench of decay becomes almost overpowering. However, at the end of the cave is a larger chamber that appears to be the nest of a large carnivorous creature. Bones litter the floor among tree boughs and scraps of cloth and furs. A small side tunnel leads back to the surface above, but is too small to get through.

Returning to the makeshift camp the group explores the hill. Centered on top of the hill is a stone alter worn with age. The stone columns are also worn and rounded on top. There are runes along the top of the columns and each column coincides with a cardinal direction. Those with an attunement to arcane magic also sense the innate magic on the hilltop. A small foot trail is also discovered to the southeast.

image.jpg As dusk falls, Senji prepares to read the stars from the hilltop. Spreading out his instruments, he reads the position of the stars and other heavenly bodies. Drawing charts and plotting variance in the sky for the position on the hill, Senji gets a sense of ancient history and coming darkness. Something soon, within a few days. Also a presence or guardian near the hill.

image.jpgLater that same night, while Yentha is on watch, a huge branch tears through the back of the tent. A howl screams through the night. Quickly everyone springs into action and charges the large humanoid beast barely visible in the tree line through the light snowfall. The battle in the snow is quick and brutal, ending with the yeti lying dead in the snow. As Kamden skins the yeti, the rest of the group returns to their sleep.

The night and next couple of days pass without incident as the group watches the hill. At dusk a couple of nights following the yeti attack, the sound of horses and light conversation is heard from down the foot trail. The party hides in the surrounding tree line. Pairs of riders in dark cloaks approach, dismount and approach the circle of stones. Over the next hour or so, four pairs of cloaked figures arrive followed by a taller figure in elaborate dark robes flanked by a another cloaked figure and a bulky dark figure. With this new arrival everyone on the hill becomes very formal and quickly moves into place, each near a stone column. The tall man moves to the center near the table with his lackeys.


Soon it is clear that the ritual has started. The air pulses with dark energy as a funnel begins to form over the stone table. Before the ritual can progress too far the adventurers attack. A viscous battle ensues that is heavy with magic. Soon one of the robed figures falls then another. The bulky figure is strong and guards the ritual. The ritual collapses sending out waves of dark necrotic energy. Many fall to the dark energy, including some of the heroes. Kylan appears to be affected, but with a feat of will he shakes of the affects. This allows the party to regroup and challenge the leader. Seeing his ritual fail and his cohorts fall, the leader teleports away.

The party ends the battle and discovers that the bodies are elven and have very little on them other than a few items and loose coins. After a long day and tiring night, the party takes the recovered mounts and returns to the Ruddy Taproom for some much needed rest. Unfortunately, upon their return there is an overdue summons to the royal court left for Kylan.

A Favor for a New Friend
Adventure 02

The following day the Constable returned to the Ruddy Spirits Taproom letting the group know that the injured man they resuced is awake and have been moved back to his home. Meanwhile, the dead man, Ben, has been returned to his family and preparations have begun for his funeral. The constable asks if there has been any trouble from James Nerk yet. However, after finding out that nothing has happened, he leaves. 

That night, Paeder enters the taproom just as business reaches its peak. He asks to speak to those who helped him in the sewers. Finding a quiet room, he lets the group know that Valens is awake, but still has some recovery time. However he was moved to his father’s house in the morning. His other friend, Calaeth is still unconscious, but the doctors still believe he will recover. He explains that Valens was very greatful for your assistance and wanted to reward his rescuers truly. Paeder gives a chest of coins to show Valen’s appreciation. 

After this reward, Paeder offers, on behalf of Valens, to reward the group with the same sum of coin if they will perform a task for him in secret. He also requests that no one be injured and no property be damaged. Valens asks that a book and key be recovered from Ben’s house. He suggests the best time may be the wake. Reluctantly, the party agrees. 


After some planning, the party decides to split into two groups sending Senji and Kylan to distract the guests at the front of the house while Yentha and Tythan enter through a side door and search the house. After sneaking up the service lift and searching the second floor they found the family library. After a brief search they found several journals, but not what they were looking for. After a stealthy exit, the group met back up. 

After some discussion, they decided to check out the family’s personal residence where Ben’s room was. After coming off the main road and peering through the hedge, they find a couple of gardners working on flower beds in front of the house.  A bit of prestidigitation on a wheelbarrow distracted the gardners long enough for Yentha and Tythan to sneak into the house. Meanwhile Senji and Kylan kept watch at the street level. 

Inside the house Yentha and Tythan quickly find Ben’s room. It appears undisturbed since his passing. Searching the room quickly turns up both the journal and the key. The pair sneaks back out and returns to the Ruddy Spirits Taproom. A few hours later Paeder  returns to the Taproom and exchanges the reward for the key and journal. Valens sends his gratitude and requests the party’s discretion in the matter. 

A Stranger in Need
Adventure 01

image.jpgA few days after the encounter on the road, the patrons of the Ruddy Spirits Taproom are settling down for a special brew and a hot meal when the local constable, David Holmes, enters the taproom. He tells the group that he identified the bandit that was slain as Jerrod Nerk, a half-orc thug that has spent many a night in jail for petty robberies and assault. The constable warns the group that his older brother, James Nerk, may cause trouble for those that were involved in his brother’s death. The constable then leaves to return to his duties as the group in the tavern return to their meal.

image.jpgA short time later as the group finishes their meal, a panicked young man with sword drawn bursts in through the front door begging for help. The party initially tries to send him on his way to find the constable, but then reluctantly listens to his tale. The young man introduces himself as Paeder Yaeden and explains to the group that he and his friends were looking for ancient hidden crypts in the sewers (based on an old legend) when the floor gave way and his friends tumbled into the darkness below. He begs for help and the party finally agrees.

Kylan, Kamden, Tythan, Yentha, Senji, and Connan all follow Paedar deep into the warehouse district where they enter the foul, sickening sewers. With Paedar guiding the group they make their way deeper into the sewer until Senji hears a chittering clicking sound come from a side passage. Without any further warning as if a shadow had come to life, a dark mass rolls across the ground, out of the side tunnel washing over all in its path. Clicking and snapping in a terrible cacophony of thousands upon thousands of tiny bodies, several scuttling forms identify the unstoppable throng as a terrible, hungry host of cockroaches. image.jpg The horde flows over and around the party as it makes it’s way down the tunnel. The party frantically swipes, smashes, and squishes hundreds of the tiny bugs before the swarm is finally broken and dispersed. Taking a moment to rest, the group then trudges on to its destination.

Not soon enough, they reach the hole in the floor. A 20’ – 25’ section of the floor has collapsed into the darkness below. In a rush each person tries to climb down the rope, but due to the sludge and muck a couple manage to fall. Luckily their friends are positioned below to catch them. A torch is struck, but no bodies are found. After a moment of examining the room a trail as if something bloody was drug along the floor leads into a heavily webbed hall. Following the passage, the webs became thicker and more enveloping, but after a bit, the passageway opened into a larger web filled chamber. image.jpg Large webbed sacks hung from the walls and floor. A quick search revealed a huge spider hiding among the webs. After antagonizing the spider a bit, it finally dropped to the ground and attacked Kamden, but Kamdem and the others fought back fiercely. With one massive slice the spider’s thorax it cut open and hundreds of tiny baby spiders swarm out over the combatants. Fighting both the great spider and the diminutive babies posed a bit of a challenge, but the brave adventures soon ended the threat by slaying the spider and dispersing the swarm.

At that point, locating Paeder’s missing friends was fairly easy and the stronger members of the group helped drag the bodies back out into the main chamber. While this was being done, the young Tythan searched the room and found an old door hidden by the webs in the room. The door appeared to be very old and was made of a dark wood. It was still fairly sturdy and had withheld the test of time well. In the center of the door in a large silver skull that was tarnished black with age. Not seeing any door knobs or having someone skilled at defeating locking mechanisms, the party proceeded to knock the door down. Behind the door was a dark musty room. Upon entering the room, the light of the torch dimmed considerably and the shadows grew long. And eerie feeling crept over the group and those with magical talent sensed a strong dark aura coming from the twin obelisks standing at the back of the room. It appeared as if something were carved into the floor, buts as the group approached, a dull orange glow started to grow from each of the obelisks. The glow grew into two fiery winged skeletons.


Rushing forward, Kamden, Senji, and Tythan charged the burning skeletons. The battle was rough and a few injuries were sustained, but Kylan called upon his magic, making Kamden grow to the size of a giant. This turned the tide of the battle and some both skeletons were extinguished, bursting an final explosion of heat and flame. Even though they had won, the adventurers were still uneasy. image.jpg The walls were made of human bones and skulls. In addition the ever persistent darkness still filled the room and there was a pending sense that the guardians of the room could return at any moment. image.jpg Examining the floor, what appeared to by a ritual circle was carved into the stone floor. To the back of the room a low alter was found with a black velvet cloth draped over it. A set of old, expensive embalming tools and a ritual dagger were placed in an orderly fashion upon the cloth. After a brief discussion, it was decided to leave the room as is an get Paeder’s injured friends back to the surface and to a doctor.


The group managed to get the bodies out of the sewers and to safety. Paeder made arrangement for the bodies to be taken to the temple for care while the helpful adventurers called it a night and went back to their places of rest.


The next day the group went to check on the injured men. An old, obstinate priest tried to prevent the group from reaching Valens and the other injured man, but Tythan was able to slip past unseen. His trip was in vane as both men were heavily drugged and asleep. The dead body was not seem and was likely already taken to be preserved. Having no luck convincing the old priest that the chamber below the sewers was a threat, the group returned to the Ruddy Spirits Taproom to find they had missed Paeder, who had come looking for them. Even so, Paeder had left a small bag of coins as his thanks for the group for their help the previous night.

Prelude - Escort Service
Adventure 00 - Prelude

The Ruddy Spirits Taproom is one of the older taverns in the city of Kavadin. It’s location just south of the keep, but still at the northwestern end of the market plaza makes it an ideal place to have a well brewed ale with an excellent meal while discussing business. Even so, merchants are not the tavern’s only custom. On any given day one might find common tradesmen sitting a few tables away from rich merchants or rough adventurers at the bar only a few paces away from a genteel nobleman. In each case the Ruddy Spirits Taproom lives up to it reputation, providing for the needs of each of its patrons.

As of late the Ruddy Spirits Taproom has been facing a bit more “competition” from the other taverns in town. In addition, there have been a few supply shipments that were headed to the Ruddy Spirits Taproom that were either misdirected or attacked just outside of the city before delivery was made. Each of these incidents were reported to the constable, but little action was taken as “it is a merchant’s responsibility to protect his own goods.” As the assailants were unknown, little could be done to locate or prosecute the bandits troubling the Ruddy Spirits Taproom. The decision was made to send out a few guards to protect and escort in the next shipment due in.

Kamden, Kylan, Yentha, Senji, and Tythan were selected to escort in the shipment. After an hour and a half walk upon leaving the city, they finally met with the simple cart of hops and herbs coming from the north. Having seen the merchants deliver to the Ruddy Spirits Taproom on several past occasions, Trevin and Jon were quickly recognized and greeted. The small escort fell into place around the cart, with the exception of Kylan who rode on the back lip of the cart. The small party chatted about business on the rode and the recent weather, but the trip seemed to be fairly uneventful. Until the cart entered the last small copse of trees just north of the city…

From behind a tree jumps a large stock man with a short bow held ready. It is clear that one of his parents had orcish blood as he has orc features, making his face angry and ugly. Keeping his distance he shouts “STOP RIGHT THERE! Slowly get off the cart and turn over the goods and we’ll let you live.” Tythan begins to step forward, but the half orc again yells “STOP! Don’t come any closer!” A couple of other figures with bows are noticed hiding behind trees. Kamden banters with the half orc suggesting he is out numbered and that this is a dangerous situation for him. The half orc appears a bit intimidated, but pushes forward anyway, again demanding that everyone move away from the cart. Kamden takes a step forward and the half orc releases his arrow, missing Kamden by a wide margin. Yentha pleads for peace, but it is too late for the fight has begun.

Tythan charges forward and slashes across the half orc’s face and into the shoulder of his chainmail armor. A red line of blood opens across the half orc’s face as it is twisted with pain and fear. At the same time Senji blesses the rest of the group for the fight to come. Kamden charges in with a strong swing of his axe that bites deep into the half orc’s side, sending small chain links and blood spraying from the wound. The other bandits begin to volley arrows into the melee but fail to strike true in the tumults of battle. Kylan casts a spell and Kamden grows to the size of a giant. Meanwhile the half orc fights for his life dodging to avoid blows and striking out at those attacking him. However, upon seeing the dwarf grow in size fear takes hold and he turns to run. Just as he does so, Kamden takes the opportunity to split the half orc’s head open.

Seeing their leader fall and clearly being out classed, the other two bandits turn an run. Chase is given, but the bandits manage to escape. The half orc’s body is searched and left along the side of the road. As he passes, Kamden kicks the body and says “I told you it was dangerous.”

The cart makes it safely to the Ruddy Spirits Taproom and Trevin celebrates by buying a round of drinks. As night falls, each returns to their other duties or heads home for a well deserved night’s rest.


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