Market District

The Market District lies along the main road through central and southern Kavadin. A few blocks south of The Keep the street opens onto fountain square. During the fall, the square is overtaken by a makeshift bazaar that bustles with merchants and traders selling their goods fresh from harvest. As winter approaches, the square empties, leaving only the more permanent merchants that run establishments at the edge of the square. In addition to the multitude of shops, The Ruddy Spirits Taproom lies on the northwestern edge of the square. Due to the high number of visitors, there are also a couple of Inns on the square that provide a place to stay for the large number of people that travel through the city.

The southwestern part of the Market District is home to a number of warehouses that are used to store the goods and services of the merchants. The warehouses also store food goods and materials that are managed by the King’s advisors. Along the west side of the road, lie several of the guild houses that manage trade within the city. Along the east side of the road one can find any number of artisans such as tailors, carpenters, and blacksmiths hard at work.


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Market District

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