In the world of Adsteria the bustling city of Kavadin is the center of the Great Kingdom of Estodia. To the north merchants and pirates alike transverse the Great Sea. To the west The Empire of Vestan challenges the Great Kingdom. To the East the Meridies Mountains stand tall and impassable harboring the numerous Dwarven Keeps. To the south is the the vast forests of the Sylvrien Elves. Adventure abounds and there is always another side quest for the brave at heart to sate their desire for adventure on.

The adventure starts in the capitol city of Kavadin. Set in the heart of the Great Kingdom, the city is the center of the major trade routes of the region. Every race and culture can be seen in the city. Goods and services of every kind can be purchased in the city. The King’s Guard keeps the peace but the Merchant Guilds still manage their less reputable operations within the city. Academy students delve into the mysteries of the arcane. Best of all, a city this big is always primed for adventure.

Within the city of Kavadin, just south of the King’s Keep, nestled in the northwestern corner of the market plaza, stands one of the oldest taverns in the Kingdom of Estodia. The Ruddy Spirits Taproom is an ideal place to have a well brewed ale with an excellent meal while discussing business. Even so, merchants are not the tavern’s only custom. On any given day one might find common tradesmen sitting a few tables away from rich merchants or rough adventurers at the bar only a few paces away from a genteel nobleman. In each case the Ruddy Spirits Taproom lives up to it reputation, providing for the needs of each of its patrons. The Ruddy Spirits Taproom is also the favored place for a group of tired adventurers to regroup after a long, exciting day. If you’re lucky and buy them an ale, they might just tell you about their day!