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A Slaughter of Orcs

Adventure 08 - The Journey Home Part 4

The orc raid on the caravan left the wagons in disarray and the party’s supplies and provisions dangerously low. Worse still, the casks of beer and ale were stolen, and Kylan’s mentor, Gar’in Dayl was taken along with his carriage. Tythan is tasked with tracking down the missing wagons and the party prepares to rescue what was taken.

The trail is easily found and soon a couple of orcs are spotted on a cliff, appearing to be on guard, but not at attention. Deciding to get a better look, they make their way around the tall hill and up to a cliff overlooking the orc’s position. Looking down on the scene below, one of the missing wagons and Gar’in’s carriage are parked along the cliff face, and there appears to be a cave entrance below the cliff where the party is watching from.

Senji creates a ghost sound in the distance to distract the orcs. Quietly Kamden and Tythan climb down the cliff face to the top of Gar’in’s carriage and then down to the ground. Once they are in position, the rest of the party prepares for the attack. Kamden rushes out and takes down the first orc while Tythan charges the second orc, injuring it. Luckily, a quick magic missile takes out the second orc before he sounds the alarm.

image.jpgAfter dispatching the sentries, the party stealthily ventures into the caves of the orc den. Around the first bend they come across the kennels for the dire wolves. Luckily the wolves are preoccupied or sleeping and the party is able to sneak by without being discovered.

Venturing down the tunnel the party comes across a handful of orcs crudely butchering the horses from the caravan. Without pause, the brave adventures charge, quickly overwhelming the surprised orcs. From this room, two smaller tunnels exit, one sloping upwards and the other leading down. From the lower passage, the sounds of raucous laughter and harsh speech from a horde of orcs is heard. Wisely, the group decides to try to circumvent the main room and take the high road. Making their way up the smaller tunnel, they come upon a strong, crude door. Instead of busting it down, Jorn weakens the earth around the door frame. Slipping into the new room, they discover it is a fairly luxurious living space for an orc. Near the rear of the room is a small alcove full of loot. The party quickly searches the loot then travels through another door in the back of the room. Moving quietly, but quickly the group approaches a large open room. Just across from the entrance is a large throne looking out over the meeting hall.

It is easy to see that the throne is set above the meeting hall of the horde on a 15 foot tall cliff. Seeing this advantage the party rushes the throne and engages the orcish warlord and his personal guards. The battle is vicious as the orc warlord wields his great two handed war axe. However, this is not the only force he uses. As Jorn attacks, the Warlord points at him and unleashes the force of a raging wolf, knocking Jorn back to the edge of the cliff. It is only the stout stability of his dwarven nature that keeps him from going over the edge. As the battle raged on, Kamden and the warlord trade blow after blow until the warlord finally falls.

image.jpgAs this fight rages, Kylan goes to his mentor, Gar’in Dayl who was captured and tortured by the orcs. Near death, Gar’in passes on a unique tattoo to Kylan. Once the transfer is made, Gar’in closes his eyes for the last time.

Meanwhile the horde rages below and circles back to release the dire wolves and cut of the assassin’s escape. As the party retreats, they fight their way back down the tunnel fighting wave after wave of orcs, finally making it back to the butcher room. Here the final stand is made as the orcish horde is slaughtered by the brave heroes. After the final battle ends, fatigue takes over Kamden as his rage fades. Kamden sinks down and waits with Jorn while the other loot the Warlord’s treasures. Alone and tired, they hear growls coming from the exit tunnel. Sighing, Kamden rises preparing for another battle, but instead finds a single remaining dire wolf pup still defending the kennels. Instead of attacking, he tosses the pup a chunk of horse flesh, making a fast friend.

Later that night before moving on to rejoin the caravan, Yentha prepares Gar’in’s body for a funeral pyre and and simple ceremony. Tired and morning their losses, the adventurers gather what they can resources they can recover and then return to the caravan.


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