Kylan Volker

Human Tattoo Sorcerer


Class: Tattoo Sorcerer
Race: Human
Profession: Diplomat


Volker family is the head of the Zau’sek clan, know for warriors of renown talent and skill. The Volker clan are primarily have brown hair and have the typical large frame that all Krish have. Occasionally there will be those that are born with red hair or “touched by the flame” born into the clan. These rare few seem to be of lighter frame than their relatives. The flame touched can be seen in the ranks of clerics or those of the clan wizards. The few that show the abilities of a sorcerer are considered to have tainted blood. They show the mixing of blood of outclan. Most of the clan sorcerers are all of the same bloodline. Clan Zau’sek is rumored to have a dragon taken to watching over them. This could be nonsense or truth the sorcerers of this clan are rare but show dragonic powers.

Kylan Volker is the second son of the Baron Volker. Kylan was born as one of the flame touched of the clan. He learn at a young age to hide his sorcererous abilities. Some in the family considered his blood tainted and shamed him because of it. Kylan had a close bond with his older brother and sister despite his “tainted” blood. Kylan was sent off to the Arkna Brothers. There he learned to channel his powers into mystical tattoos. Upon returning to his family his father sent Kylan off to represent the family in Kavadin as a punishment for his “tainted” blood. This is a way to remove him from sight and fulfill his duties to court.

Once at court Kylan was an oddity due to his strange appearance. He furthers this by spending time with other outcasts in court and the city. Those of races not his own or of the majority. Kylan can be found in the The Ruddy Spirits Taproom were he is the book keeper for the tavern.

Kylan Volker

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