Human Ranger


Tythan is a human ranger who combines the ranger tendancies of elves and the fighting of humans to make a ranger.


Tythan does not openly express his past but you can gather stories and theories (and might have heard of him) through the people and travelers he has encountered-
He had a dark past. He lived on the edge of a human town, Bellicae and an Elvin forest town, Senatus. He spent a long time in both towns and learned many human ways alongside many Elvin ways. After he was around twenty years old the cities were ravaged by an ork raid and he barely made it out with his life.
After scavenging through the rubble he left to travel the world. He never stopped in one place for more than a month at a time and traveled the road ways well. Tythus has a natural need to be first in his group and to scout ahead. He always wants to be first to find the ambushers or attackers and warn the rest. He is very good at recognizing the terrain of traveled areas (strength). He is at his weakest when he is in an ever changing environment, an area that is hard to recognize (no landmarks) or in a place he cannot fully see (dark). Ten years later he found the city and about two months ago he began going to the inn and staying in the city.
Sometimes he still disappears for a day or two in an adventurous exploration.


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