Tales of the Ruddy Spirits Taproom

A Favor for a New Friend

Adventure 02

The following day the Constable returned to the Ruddy Spirits Taproom letting the group know that the injured man they resuced is awake and have been moved back to his home. Meanwhile, the dead man, Ben, has been returned to his family and preparations have begun for his funeral. The constable asks if there has been any trouble from James Nerk yet. However, after finding out that nothing has happened, he leaves. 

That night, Paeder enters the taproom just as business reaches its peak. He asks to speak to those who helped him in the sewers. Finding a quiet room, he lets the group know that Valens is awake, but still has some recovery time. However he was moved to his father’s house in the morning. His other friend, Calaeth is still unconscious, but the doctors still believe he will recover. He explains that Valens was very greatful for your assistance and wanted to reward his rescuers truly. Paeder gives a chest of coins to show Valen’s appreciation. 

After this reward, Paeder offers, on behalf of Valens, to reward the group with the same sum of coin if they will perform a task for him in secret. He also requests that no one be injured and no property be damaged. Valens asks that a book and key be recovered from Ben’s house. He suggests the best time may be the wake. Reluctantly, the party agrees. 


After some planning, the party decides to split into two groups sending Senji and Kylan to distract the guests at the front of the house while Yentha and Tythan enter through a side door and search the house. After sneaking up the service lift and searching the second floor they found the family library. After a brief search they found several journals, but not what they were looking for. After a stealthy exit, the group met back up. 

After some discussion, they decided to check out the family’s personal residence where Ben’s room was. After coming off the main road and peering through the hedge, they find a couple of gardners working on flower beds in front of the house.  A bit of prestidigitation on a wheelbarrow distracted the gardners long enough for Yentha and Tythan to sneak into the house. Meanwhile Senji and Kylan kept watch at the street level. 

Inside the house Yentha and Tythan quickly find Ben’s room. It appears undisturbed since his passing. Searching the room quickly turns up both the journal and the key. The pair sneaks back out and returns to the Ruddy Spirits Taproom. A few hours later Paeder  returns to the Taproom and exchanges the reward for the key and journal. Valens sends his gratitude and requests the party’s discretion in the matter. 


Embrali Embrali

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