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An Unwelcome Return

Adventure 09 - The Journey Home Part 5

Leaving the orc den behind, the weak and damaged caravan continues on to their destination. After 3 days of hard travel, the Capitol of the Krishen Highlands finally comes into view. The grand castle Krishendien built into the side of the mountain is seen first followed by the city of K’dell in the valley. However, as the tired caravan rolls up to the city gates, they find them closed and guarded, even though it is still hours until nightfall. After some frustration, the gates are opened for the carvan’s leader and Royal Advisor of Kavadin. Instead of heading straight to the castle, the adventurers secure rooms at one of the local taverns and spend a few hours seeing to their equipment and provisions. 

Finally the group heads to the lifts, preferring to ride up to the castle instead taking the long and winding horse path. At the top, the party is greeted by Prince Ian Volker of the ruling Zau’sek clan of the Krishen Highlands, brother of Kylan. He greets Kylan warmly and welcomes his friends to the castle, offering to provide rooms for everyone. image.jpgHowever, King Deadric Volker is not nearly as friendly. He is sickly and clearly displeased that these non-human, low class thugs were brought into his home. While not undoing the prince’s hospitality, he makes it clear they are not welcome before dismissing them.

Everyone is shown to luxurious rooms and it quickly becomes evident that the castle is fairly empty and those that remain are all humans. Upon settling in, Senji does a star chart that indicates bad things would happen soon and worse things were to come. An hour later, just before nightfall, Kylan’s sister, Kathlynn, delivers the news that the king has decided to welcome Kylan home by throwing a feast in his honor. Allowances have been made to provide appropriate attire to the visitors from Kavadin as they are clearly not prepared for a royal affair. Preparations are made and soon Kylan and his entourage enter the vast dining hall. Each is sat in his appropriate spot with Kylan near the head of the head of the table while Kamden and Senji are seated at the far end next to an aged cripple and a very short, ugly man.

image.jpgDinner begins without the king, and progresses without incident for a couple of wonderful courses. The prince and his sister are friendly and make polite, interesting conversation about the recent news here in the Krishen Highlands. Unfortunately once the first main course is served, the king arrives, appearing more sickly and upset than he was earlier in the evening.

After the first couple of courses, dinner is interrupted when a pair of arrows from the rafters almost striking Kylan and his brother. At about the same time two men dressed as king’s guards enter the dining hall through the servant’s door. Chaos erupts as Yentha screams “Protect the King, protect the royal family!” and casts fog cloud, filling the immediate area with billowing fog. Combat erupts as king’s guard and adventurers battle the imposter assassins. In the melee the king is bitten by a viper. As the fog clears, there are several dead bodies lying about and the king immediately suspects Kylan’s friends set up the plot. He orders their arrest and has them locked in the dungeon. Kylan is escorted to his rooms where he is monitored by 2 guards.

Teri: Here’s what I remember:
Kylan’s father,the King, treated everyone in the party badly, and treated Kylan worse.

Senji did a disastrous star chart on the King, it showed “bad things” happening.

A dinner at court was held that night, so Kylan and his friends attended. During dinner the barbarian in the party saw two small humanoids, dressed in king’s guard garb, enter the dining hall from a side door (?). Yentha became alarmed and screamed, “Protect the King, protect the royal family!” She threw up a fog cloud to hide the royals and hides under the table looking like a fallen guard, thanks to the Hat of Disguise.

(Someone else needs to put their thoughts on dinner here)…

The fog cloud clears, the party is arrested, and marched down to the dungeons immediately.


Embrali Embrali

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