Tales of the Ruddy Spirits Taproom

Prelude - Escort Service

Adventure 00 - Prelude

The Ruddy Spirits Taproom is one of the older taverns in the city of Kavadin. It’s location just south of the keep, but still at the northwestern end of the market plaza makes it an ideal place to have a well brewed ale with an excellent meal while discussing business. Even so, merchants are not the tavern’s only custom. On any given day one might find common tradesmen sitting a few tables away from rich merchants or rough adventurers at the bar only a few paces away from a genteel nobleman. In each case the Ruddy Spirits Taproom lives up to it reputation, providing for the needs of each of its patrons.

As of late the Ruddy Spirits Taproom has been facing a bit more “competition” from the other taverns in town. In addition, there have been a few supply shipments that were headed to the Ruddy Spirits Taproom that were either misdirected or attacked just outside of the city before delivery was made. Each of these incidents were reported to the constable, but little action was taken as “it is a merchant’s responsibility to protect his own goods.” As the assailants were unknown, little could be done to locate or prosecute the bandits troubling the Ruddy Spirits Taproom. The decision was made to send out a few guards to protect and escort in the next shipment due in.

Kamden, Kylan, Yentha, Senji, and Tythan were selected to escort in the shipment. After an hour and a half walk upon leaving the city, they finally met with the simple cart of hops and herbs coming from the north. Having seen the merchants deliver to the Ruddy Spirits Taproom on several past occasions, Trevin and Jon were quickly recognized and greeted. The small escort fell into place around the cart, with the exception of Kylan who rode on the back lip of the cart. The small party chatted about business on the rode and the recent weather, but the trip seemed to be fairly uneventful. Until the cart entered the last small copse of trees just north of the city…

From behind a tree jumps a large stock man with a short bow held ready. It is clear that one of his parents had orcish blood as he has orc features, making his face angry and ugly. Keeping his distance he shouts “STOP RIGHT THERE! Slowly get off the cart and turn over the goods and we’ll let you live.” Tythan begins to step forward, but the half orc again yells “STOP! Don’t come any closer!” A couple of other figures with bows are noticed hiding behind trees. Kamden banters with the half orc suggesting he is out numbered and that this is a dangerous situation for him. The half orc appears a bit intimidated, but pushes forward anyway, again demanding that everyone move away from the cart. Kamden takes a step forward and the half orc releases his arrow, missing Kamden by a wide margin. Yentha pleads for peace, but it is too late for the fight has begun.

Tythan charges forward and slashes across the half orc’s face and into the shoulder of his chainmail armor. A red line of blood opens across the half orc’s face as it is twisted with pain and fear. At the same time Senji blesses the rest of the group for the fight to come. Kamden charges in with a strong swing of his axe that bites deep into the half orc’s side, sending small chain links and blood spraying from the wound. The other bandits begin to volley arrows into the melee but fail to strike true in the tumults of battle. Kylan casts a spell and Kamden grows to the size of a giant. Meanwhile the half orc fights for his life dodging to avoid blows and striking out at those attacking him. However, upon seeing the dwarf grow in size fear takes hold and he turns to run. Just as he does so, Kamden takes the opportunity to split the half orc’s head open.

Seeing their leader fall and clearly being out classed, the other two bandits turn an run. Chase is given, but the bandits manage to escape. The half orc’s body is searched and left along the side of the road. As he passes, Kamden kicks the body and says “I told you it was dangerous.”

The cart makes it safely to the Ruddy Spirits Taproom and Trevin celebrates by buying a round of drinks. As night falls, each returns to their other duties or heads home for a well deserved night’s rest.


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