Dwarven Mountain Holds

The dwarves of Kavadin are second in number only to humans. They bring a welcome diversity to the city, helping to build both the economy and the infrastructure.

Dwarves are well known as blacksmiths, jewelers, artists, and craftsman. In addition, they make excellent laborers and a large population of dwarfs have found they truly enjoy life at sea and on the docks.

Dwarves also hold a certain respect in the halls of Academia. Their long lives give them a great perspective on history allowing them to become historians, librarians, and even teachers. There are rumors that there are a sect of dwarves that specialize in geomancy or earth/stone magics. In addition to their other roles, dwarves hold a number of positions in the government from lowly administrators to high ranking officials.

Dwarves still have a reputation as brutal warriors. Many join the city guard or regular army for at least 2 years when they hit adolescence in order to not only learn to fight but also to channel their anger in useful ways.

Within the city of Kavadin, there are a number dwarven cultures that still exist, each with there own specialty. There are also a number of dwarves that have lost their heritage and, while they still tend to bear the long beards they are known for, they have adopted many aspects of the human culture as their own.

Dalontorian Dwarves

Dwarves that hale from the mountainous region of Dalontor to the west are well known for not only working the mines but also for the works of art they produce. These dwarves live in large mountain holds that house a clan loyal to and often from a single blood line.

Dalontorian Dwarves are passionate about their craft and take great pride in everything they make. While they may look burly and rough, they are also very artistic. They tend to strong builds and have thick, dark, often black, hair and beards with pale skin. They wear simple clothes typically dark brown, grey, and black. Underneath their clothing, they relish in body art, often wearing a number of tattoos. Those who are bold will even wear tattoos on their neck or face.

Dalontorian dwarven characters may consider the Craftsman or Deep Warrior dwarven racial options in the Advanced Players Guide.

Truanic Dwarves

The Truanic region along the north of the mountain range is a rocky barren wasteland to most, but there is a race of dwarves that not only hales from that region, but that has a deeply developed culture based around loyalty to family and clan. While these dwarves are not barbaric, they can be considered uncouth by many other races and even by some of their dwarven kin. They tend to be loud and bold, especially when they are singing after several pints of strong ale. They are known to be jovial and extremely loyal to their friends, but hold a grudge for a long time if they are slighted. They can be brutal in battle and are well known for their ferocity. It is well known that it is better to have a Truanic Dwarf as an ally rather than an enemy.

Truanic dwarves tend to have dirty blond to brown hair and a ruddy skin color. There are a few Truanic dwarves that have fair skin and bright red hair. They traditionally dress in a loose tunic and kilt, but take pride in their clan colors, often keeping a pristine dress uniform, including a clan kilt, pure white formal shirt, and ceremonial dwarven war staff.

Truanic dwarves in Kavadin will fill a number of roles in the city, and don’t have a specific niche. However, they do live in a very tight community in the western part of the city regardless of their class or position.

Truanic dwarven characters may consider taking the Relentless or Ancient Enemy dwarven racial options in the Advanced Players Guide. If the player chooses ancient enemy, he may choose any race or faction that has crossed his clan in the past, but he must also role-play this hatred and suffer the in-game consequences of it as well. These are also the dwarves that best support the barbarian class.

Note: The Truanic dwarves closely resemble the people of the Scottish highlands.

Dwarves of Mallibur

The dwarves from the port city of Mallibur to the north west have a very diverse look. They often have darkly tanned skin and light hair, but can also have pale skin and dark hair.

The dwarves of Mallibur have made a life of seafaring and their styles and fashion reflect this. Many have shaved their head and trimmed (though not shaven) their beards to make life on a ship easier. They wear loose clothes, often white or bright flashy colors. On ship they will often go shirtless, but have learned to go through any town fully clothed. They also prefer to use blades as opposed to hammers and maces like much of their kin.

The Mallibur dwarves, often called “Malli’s”, are well known for having strong tempers and stubborn attitudes. They are also one of the greatest forces against piracy and are often hired to discourage attacks on trade vessels. Because of their affinity for the sea, very few actually reside in Kavadin.

Mallibur dwarven characters may consider selecting the Relentless or Stubborn dwarven racial options in the Advanced Players Guide.

Arcane Heritage Dwarves

Some dwarves are born with an the spark of magic in their blood. Any dwarf character, regardless of his culture, may choose to take the Magic Resistant or Stonesinger dwarven racial options in the Advanced Players Guide.

Likewise, any dwarven character, regardless of his culture, may choose to take the Lore Keeper dwarven racial options in the Advanced Players Guide.

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