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Hobbits are a peaceful race, generally content to live in peace in their small communities in the hills. Their communities tend to be small and exclusively made of hobbits. While they enjoy guests on occasion, especially the feasting, drinking and good conversation, they tend to live boring quiet lives most of the time. Growing up in a hobbit village can be quite boring, so many hobbit children resort to pranks and jokes from an early age, and the community as a whole humor the childish behavior. Unfortunately, some never grow out of this, adding to the reputation of hobbits as pranksters in human cities.

While as a whole hobbits tend to stay in their own community, a few get the desire to venture out into the larger world and leave home to sate their wanderlust. When found in human cities, many gnomes are too small for hard labor and end up as clerks and scribes. A few have found a knack for tinkering and have applied this skill to alchemy, the gear-works, or even the field of magic.

Hobbits have a very simple fashion, wearing plain shirts and simple trousers. Currently the height of true hobbit fashion is suspenders and it is one of the few clothing items that will be decorative and unique. Few hobbits wear shoes but all hobbit men enjoy a good puff on the pipe. When dressing up for formal “big city” occasions, hobbits love jackets with long tails and very tall hats, leading to another aspect of their reputation that hobbits like wear big hats.

Hobbits can come in a variety of skin and hair colors from dark to light. Their hair can be a wide range of colors occasionally including dark blue, various shades of green, and blazing orange, though plain brown is most common.

Hobbit characters use the gnome base stats but can choose the Low Blow (replaces the hatred racial trait), Underfoot (replaces the defensive training racial trait) or Wanderlust(replaces the defensive training and hatred racial traits) unique halfling ability from the Advanced Players Guide.

There is also an order of hobbits tasked with protecting their community from a variety of foul monstrosities and evil spawn like rats, insects and other nasty critters. These select few are trained from a young age to be ready at a moment’s notice. The role of Warden is a well respected position in the hobbit community and comes with much prestige. Hobbit characters who hold the title of Warden can select the Warden of Nature unique gnome ability from the Advanced Players Guide.


Like most half-breeds in Kavadin, half-elves are often treated as second class citizens. They don’t share the lofty reputation of their elven heritage, yet they truly don’t fit into the human culture. As such they rarely fit in with any of the major cultures in the city. However, their dual bloodline does come in handy in diplomatic situations. Otherwise they try their best to fit in where they can and take any job they can find.

Half-elves share features of both of their parents in a variety of ways. Almost all have sharper features and slightly pointed ears, but eyes, hair, and skin color can vary from individual to individual. Likewise they have no common fashion, in most cases only trying to fit in with the community in which they live.


Of all the races in Kavadin, half-orcs are probably the most loathed. Often the offspring resulting from an orc raid in the mountains or the child of half-orc parents, few in the city believe they have a place. Unfortunately, this leaves few options for half-orcs in the city. They tend to find jobs as mercenaries, bouncers and guards most often, but there are a rare few that rise above their heritage and make something great of themselves.

While slavery has been outlawed in Antica, it still exists in some parts of the realm. Half-orcs are often caged and chained and forced to fight in brutal martial battles for their survival. A rare few manage to escape their captors and make it to the city of Kavadin. As such, there is a very small community of ex-slaves that live within the city typically in the southwestern slums. Half-orc characters with this background can select the Chain Fighter half-orc racial options in the Advanced Players Guide.

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