The Elven Kingdoms

There are few elves in the city of Kavadin, but they live and work with the more prominent humans and dwarves. The elves of Kavadin, for the most part, live in a single community just northwest of the center of town. Partially due to their long lives but also due to their aloof nature, they do not fit in well with other races and tend to keep to themselves when not employed or studying.

Most elves are drawn to the city for research purposed or to learn more of the fascinating human culture. As such, many of the elves in the city are involved with the Halls of Academia, the largest school in Kavadin. Their roles range from historians and researchers to master wizards and sorcerers. The vast majority of elves in the city fall into this category.

However, the elven kingdoms also have a number of diplomats that stay in the city. With these diplomats come guards and a number of other retainers. On occasion elves disgraced in their homeland will come to the city to seek asylum and start a new life.

Like the other races of Estad, there are a few different cultures that exist in the city. As stated above, there are a few elves that have left their culture behind and have tried to fit into human culture as well as possible. Even so they still tend to be aloof outsiders.

Daelwyn Elves (Common Elves)

Daelwyn Elves are the most common race of elves in the human lands. Once a peaceful nomadic race that roamed the hills and plains, they were conquered by the empire as it grew. While they have adapted to cities and villages, many resent the loss of their heritage and blame the humans for their loss. Even so, many still bear the grace and stealth of the nomadic hunter in their blood. Modern Daelwyn elves are most commonly known for their fine music but also have a unique skill with culinary delights and wines. They also have a very simplistic form of art that is debatably beautiful by some while overly simple by others. Daelwyn elvish share the fine features of their race, but tend to be a bit shorter than others of their race. They have a slightly stronger build than their kin and often have a darker or tanned complexion with dark purple hair. They favor fine, colorful clothing, but are also very comfortable in common clothing.

Yl’feen Elves (Elves of the High Peaks, High Elves)

The elves from the high peaks of the Hoarsfall mountains to the deep southwest are a proud ancient race that holds itself apart from the rest of the world. While not much is known of their ancient history, eons ago they migrated into the high mountain peaks to escape the world around them and their ancient enemies. There they built a city of tall towers and high spires. Rumor has it that rock, precious metal, and crystal were drawn from the heart of the mountain itself to craft the city. The city is said to be the most beautiful and majestic in the whole of the world. The Yl’feen are a tall, thin race of elves with pale, fair skin and sharp features. They have pale hair ranging from white to silver, occasionally with shades of pale blue and light lavender.

The Yl’feen fashion is long flowing clothing of a heavy material. Most commonly, their clothing is lighter shades of the cold colors, white, blue, and purple. Their attitudes tend to be stoic and studious which has gained them the reputation of being cold and aloof. The Yl’feen rarely venture from their high spires except for diplomatic or studious reasons. They are very attuned to the sky and stars as well as magic and the ancient arts. On rare occasions the develop the ability to dream the true dream and look into the future. When this talent is developed, the individual is often inducted into a secret order of seers called the Dra’nar (Dreamers). They tend to look down on mechanical pursuits of modern men, considering them abominations.

Yl’feen elven characters are the only ones that can select the Dreamspeaker elven racial option in the Advanced Players Guide. Yl’feen elves cannot become rangers as they disdain the human mockery of the Sil’ve Elves.

Sil’ve Elves (Wood Elves)

The Sil’ve elves are actually not a single race, but rather a group of elves that all share common traits and live in the southern forested parts of the realm. They share a common ancestor and have a rich, well developed culture. Many of their beliefs center on harmony with nature and their neighbors. They live as close to nature as possible, making them hardier and healthier than their kindred. Though a peaceful race, they can be ruthless enemies when pressed. Many Sil’ve are pacifists and therefore withdraw from the rest of the world. Even so, some venture out to explore the world in their youth.

Sil’ve elves vary quite a bit in appearance but often have light skin and earth-tones for hair, including green and brown. Similarly, there clothing tends to be in shades of earth-tones, but is very fine, well made, and light weight. They make great guides and woodsmen when in the realms of men. Based on the respect of their skills, the Sil’ve were inspiration for the Rangers, and a few still join the Rangers. Of all the elven races, they are the ones with the greatest camaraderie with other races, though few ever venture into the larger cities.

Sil’ve elven characters might consider selecting the Desert Runner (forest runner), Spirit of the Waters (coastal) or Woodcraft elven racial options in the Advanced Players Guide.

Solesi Elves (Sun-touched Elves)

In every generation there are a few elves that are blessed by the sun. These unique elves can be born into any culture and are often honored as special children. They have pale skin and golden to fiery copper hair. Solesi elven characters can select the Lightbringer elven racial option in the Advanced Players Guide.

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